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How to remove a virus

First, see my other note a bout how to protect your PC….

If you have an infection, computer running slow or strange things happening to your home page you more than likely have an infection of some sort. What to do ? If have found the following to work in most cases:

Down load and install a product called ‘crap cleaner” I know the name sounds funny but it is a solid application.


run crap cleaner to clean all the junk off your pc, you should do this every week.
run crap cleaner to check and fix errors, you should also do this every week.

If your problem is an infection this will not do anything for it, so read on:

Turn off System Restore




Download and install spybot


Run spybot to clean your system…. Run it twice if on the second time you have a virus still listed.

You will need to download and run SuperAntiSpyware


This should clean most everything.

Turn System Restore back on (same instructions as above)

Run a virus scan again, if the infection is still there you can get help and more information at the MajorGeeks webpage


If after stepping through all of this you still have problems, you can get help at the Major Geeks forum


Good Luck, It’s better to prevent this in the first place with my first note and by following safe surfing habits. Stay away from .exe files sent in emails, surf with firefox with noscripts enabled, keep away from porn sites (most malware comes from them), install Web of Trust.


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  1. Nice article, I had experience of this before but wasnt this is nice to know

    Comment by computer forum | May 31, 2011

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