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Food for Thought

Interestingly most people feel that giving money to the same people who got the world in this mess will not work. So why are our leaders hell bent on doing just this ? No answer required just food for thought. My opinion is to let the free market do what it does best, weed out the weak and empower the strong. Case in point, if nobody buys cars from the Detroit three, all the money in the US is not going to help. So why give it to them ? Would we the taxpayer be better served investing our Tax dollars in something that would benefit us. New Roads, Bridges, Buses, Trains and dare I say Nuclear Power Plants. Instead, we are going to give away a trillion dollars with really getting nothing back. Why is the government of Canada suggesting to build new Nuclear Power plants for the sole purpose of exporting power to the US ? Should we not do this for our country, build the plants, create jobs for our future ? Just my humble opinion.


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